iWAM Certification Program

The Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation is licensed by jobEQ, the iWAM publisher, to conduct iWAM Certification programs.

Goals and Outcomes

The purpose of the iWAM Certification Program is to prepare qualified professionals to:

  • Understand the iWAM test and what it measures
  • Interpret the results of the iWAM for different individuals in different contexts
  • Apply the iWAM results to individuals, pairs, teams, and organizations
  • Manage a branded Test Center (CUG) for iWAM registration, testing, and reporting

iWAM Certification Levels

There are four levels of certification for the iWAM.

Basic (Foundations Course)

Basic certification is an introduction to the iWAM–its origins, nature, and place in understanding human behavior. This certification is awarded upon the successful completion of the iWAM Foundations Course. The course includes a description and interpretation of the iWAM scales as well as an introduction to iWAM reports. It does not qualify an individual to use the iWAM professionally. This course is intended as an introduction and as a prerequisite to the other courses in the certification program.

Coach Certification

Coach certification builds on the Foundations Course and includes the iWAM Interpretation Course. In the Interpretation Course participants get an inside look at what the iWAM results mean and how to interpret them. There is special attention given to the individual feedback session and feedback to two individuals who have completed the iWAM.

The Coach Certification provides a base for working with individuals whether they be clients, leaders, or someone in search of a new career. It also provides information about how to use the iWAM Paired Comparison Report with two individuals who want to improve their relationships. This application has been used successfully with peer difficulties, boss-direct report tensions, and others.

Associate Certification

The Associate Certification was designed primarily for individuals who are in an organization that is using the iWAM. Associate Certification includes the coursework for the Coach Certification as well as the Marketing & Administration Course. This course provides the information and techniques to manage a custom test center for the organization including registering individuals to take the iWAM, downloading and printing reports, as well as unique applications such as generating team reports for a group in the organization.

Professional Certification

This is the highest level of certification for the iWAM. It includes all four courses and some demonstration of knowledge. Individuals who successfully complete the Professional Certification are not only equipped to:

  • Use the iWAM in a variety of situations and applications
  • Recruit others to be part of their iWAM Test Team
  • Sell iWAM Tests and Custom Test Centers to their Clients and Team Members

Here is a chart that connects the Certification Levels (above) and the Certification Curriculum (below).

iWAM Certification Curriculum

Foundations Course

Background, theory; the LAB Profile; nature and structure of the iWAM; the iWAM scales. This course is provided exclusively in the online, self-study mode.

Interpretation Course

Interpretation of the iWAM scales; Individual and Paired Comparison Reports. Participants also learn to interpret an individual's "Job Clock" and how to use the Clock in coaching and job retention. Includes the nuances of interpretation, how to set up a feedback session, and how to use combinations of patterns to understand and interpret motivation and behavior. The course also includes an overview of the application of the Ofman Diagrams to iWAM patterns and their use in strengths-based coaching.

Applications Course

This course moves beyond individual and pairs applications of the iWAM to the application of the iWAM to leadership development, teams, and organizations. The iWAM has been used in all three types of applications and has implications for organization communication as well. Participants get an introduction to modeling with the iWAM with special emphasis on the iWAM Model of Excellence, an extraordinarily powerful tool for predicting performance.

Marketing & Administration

The iWAM Marketing & Administration includes segments on matching the use of the iWAM and its applications to clients' needs, how to price the test and corresponding services, and how to use case studies and other information to help prospective clients see the fit between their needs and the iWAM.

In addition, there is an overview of managing your Custom Test Center including how to set it up and update it over time. In addition, you learn about how to register : Marketing the iWAM, and administering your iWAM Custom Test Center (credits, registering test-takers, generating reports, subscriptons, using the HelpDesk, etc.).

What Does Certification Get You?
Rights and Privileges of iWAM Certification

The Institute’s iWAM Certification Program provides certified professionals with various rights and privileges corresponding the to the type of certification earned. The rights and privileges associated with each level of certification are shown in the table below.

Here is a chart that summarizes the rights and privileges related to the various Levels of Certification.

Professional Development Credit (CEUs)

Saint Louis University's School for Professional Studies has approved the Institute's iWAM Certification Program for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Here are the CEUs available for the respective courses in the iWAM Certification Program:

Foundations Course:     1.0 CEU

Interpretation Course:    1.0 CEU

Applications Course:     1.0 CEU

Administration Course:   0.5 CEU

For more information about the Institute CEU Program or to apply send an email to Dr. Carl Harshman.