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Consider iWAM Certification . . .

Would you like to become a certified iWAM Professional? The iWAM is one of the most unique, powerful, and comprehensive assessment tools available. It measures motivational and attitudinal patterns (MAPs) that are a very important factors in explaining, impacting, and predicting performance in a job, communication among individuals, and relationships between individuals and members of teams.

The Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation in cooperation with jobEQ has instituted a Professional Certification Program for the iWAM for North America. Certification is granted at various levels depending upon the background, experience, and goals of the candidate.

Why do iWAM certification?

The primary purpose of the iWAM Certification Program is to prepare qualified professionals to understand the nature of the test and what it measures, to provide the knowledge and skills to interpret the results of the iWAM for different individuals in different contexts, and to apply the iWAM to a variety of applications.

Benefits of iWAM Certification . . .

New paths to your clients' goals/new solutions to their challenges!

Expertise in a unique tool that is highly relevant in today's world of work

Online assessment that is easy and fast to administer!

Custom, branded iWAM test center for all your clients

Unlimited reportsindividual, pairs, and team–for the price of a single test

Make a difference and impact the things that really matter!

Manage change by learning what to change and how to change!

Freedom and flexibility to manage your assessments on your schedule!

Powerful alternative to what others offer their clients!

Quality materials and live support from the Institute!