Joe Yeager Lives On
in Spirit and Print!

Those of us who knew and loved Joe Yeager still treasure the smile, intellect, and sense of humor.

We just got a note from Linda Sommer Yeager announcing the publication of one of the books on which Joe was working.

The book is entitled:
The Organization Coach: Coaching for Rapid Behavior Change.

For those of you who use the language of influence in your work and who work in the context of large organizations, this is a great resource to consider. Joe was not only a brilliant neurolinguistic psychologist, but also, in partnership with Linda, was a powerful and effective consultant to leadership in organizations. Joe’s work blends the two forms of expertise.

Buy the Book

Talk about a value proposition! The book is being offered in electronic version on Amazon at $1.99.

The Organization Coach: Coaching for Rapid Behavior Change (Motivational Intelligence for Business)

The price is a gesture to friends of Joe in order to provide immediate and inexpensive asset.

You’ll find The Organization Coach to be down-to-earth and practical yet grounded in theory and practice that have been shown to work.

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