The Institute was founded in 2005 by Carl L. Harshman, Ph.D., as the North American strategic partner for jobEQ, the publisher of the iWAM Assessment and creator of the technology for the iWAM Model of Excellence.

The initial activity of the Institute focused on the certification of iWAM professionals.

In 2007 and 2016, the Institute did the research for the update of the respective U.S. Standard Group. The report generated by the Institute for jobEQ set the standard for such research.

The Institute created the curriculum for iWAM certification for professionals in the U.S. and Canada.

Since founding, the Institute has spear-headed a number of publications. Among the publications is the iWAM Resource Guide. The Institute also published Decoding Behavior: Using the iWAM to Unlock Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns as well as Modeling Excellence with the iWAM.

In addition the Institute, in cooperation with jobEQ, has sponsored or conducted a variety of research projects related to motivational and attitudinal patterns. One of the more important studies, in conjunction with the Monfort Institute at the University of Northern Colorado, involved the iWAM assessment of a group of CEOs of Baldrige award-winning CEOs.

Dr. Harshman and the Institute are part of a growing network of global professionals who are on the cutting edge of technology and applications that will change the landscape of human performance through the assessment and deeper understanding of motivational and attitudinal patterns.