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Decoding Behavior to Improve Results:

Using the iWAM to Unlock Motivational & Attitudinal Patterns

 Decoding Behavior provides HR and OD professionals as well as coaches and organizations that use the iWAM with a comprehensive reference document that goes from the origins of the test to real-world applications. It is a must-have reference for iWAM users and an excellent resource for people interested in learning more about workplace motivation!

The unmatched range of applications for the assessment of motivational and attitudinal patterns makes the iWAM an extraordinary tool for HR Professionals, OD specialists, coaches, and consultants. Decoding Behavior tells you how to use this powerful tool for a variety of applications from recruiting to development to managing and succession planning!

"If you get just one new idea or save only 30 minutes by using this book,
you will have an excellent return on your investment!"

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"I really like the Decoding Behavior book. I am really impressed with the clarity, style and grace in framing the book and its segments. A VERY nice job!"

Joseph Yeager, Ph.D.
Chairman, SommerYeager, LLC

"The book gave me broader insight in how to use the iWAM reports in coaching clients. Its practical hands-on approach makes it easy for me to find ideas and suggestions for delivering a thoughtful advice based on the person's iWAM profile. Although a lot of the information could be found online in the help section this is the first the time it is all together in one place in a handy format. I recommend this to anyone using the iWAM, both novice and experienced user."

Peter Van Damme
Van Damme International

"Your book - Decoding behavior to Improve Results - is a practical and powerful resource to achieve more impact in my practice of coaching with the iWAM !"

Karim Perraudin
EVOLUTIONPRO, Training & Coaching

iWAM Resource Guide

Professional Edition and Personal Edition

The Professional iWAM Resource Guide integrates all existing information about the 48 iWAM motivational and attitudinal pattern scales and their implications, plus provides several iWAM versions of Daniel Ofman’s Core Qualities Quadrants for use in interpreting scales and increasing the power of interpretation. It is truly an invaluable resource for certified professionals and people who wish to understand workplace related motivations in more depth!

We also have an iWAM Resource Guide Personal Edition with focused content for people who take the iWAM. This edition provides iWAM test-takers with definitions of the motivational and attitudinal patterns and of their implications for jobs and relationships.

The Resource Guide is available in print or electronic format. It has also been translated into some other languages (contact us for details).

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iWAM Professional Resource Guide (Print or PDF version)

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iWAM Resource Guide-Personal Edition (Print or PDF version)

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Modeling Excellence with the iWAM

Using the foundation created by Patrick Merlevede of jobEQ, the Institute created a document describing the basis of, rationale for, and methods related to building iWAM Models of Excellence. If you are interested in building models for hiring, leadership development, sales, or other roles, this eBook will provide the essential information you need to know what to do and how to do it.

If you are an internal or external professional or consultant, this book will help you describe to your clients why and how to build Models of Excellence. [See Sample pages]

Modeling Excellence with the iWAM

PDF version $19.00 (USD)

Printed Version $39.00 (USD)


iWAM Validity & Reliability

Validity and Reliability of the iWAM addresses topics relevant to the establishment of the iWAM assessment as a viable tool for use in various applications. If you purchase this publication, you receive a complimentary copy of Professor Trochim's work on validity and reliability. [Click here to see Sample pages]

iWAM Validity & Reliability

PDF Version $29.00 (USD) / Printed Version $35.00 (USD)

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Note: Purchasers of the Validity and Reliability eBook are eligible for a free copy of an eBook entitled Validity and Reliability in Assessment. This is a condensed version of Dr. William M.K. Trochim's  work on the subject.

Talent Managment: A Focus on Excellence
Managing Human Resources in a Knowledge Economy

by Patrick Merlevede

Learn to integrate 21st Century Human Resources Management with Knowledge and Talent Management. This book covers the entire employee lifecycle, from attracting talent, to training and retaining them. It also includes specific information on how jobEQ's products help to improve Talent Management.

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