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History of the iWAM

Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns: Their Historical Origins

Historical Basis for the iWAM


Performance Model

iWAM Performance Model


Understanding the iWAM

Rules and Norms

Understanding Motivation

iWAM Research

iWAM Model of Excellence-Call Center Case
A UK study of patterns of high performers in a sales-oriented call center.

CEO Attitudes and Motivations: Are They Different for High-Performing Organizations?
Developing a Model of Excellence: 7 Factors that Make Them Different 

University Men's Soccer Team's Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns
An analysis of the patterns of soccer players and their performance

Restaurant Case Study
What Makes This Place Great? (Abstract-Full study available on request)

Men from Mars, Women from Venus?
A study on motivational differences between genders

American and International Undergraduate Students - A comparison of motivations of different cultures (In progress-not yet available)

iWAM Articles

"The Power of Words"

"That's Not Right!: Why People Disagree with iWAM Results."

iWAM vs. LAB Profile: Comparison of What They Measure

iWAM Multiple iWAM Patterns

iWAM Model of Excellence Q&A

iWAM Combination Patterns #1 (The "Insurance Policy")

Benchmarking: We Only Want to be as Good as They Are


Other Authors

Comparing the iWAM to MBTI and DISC (jobEQ Paper)

Psychological Tests - Sense or Nonsense? (Patrick Merlevede)

Cultural Differences (Shelle Rose Charvet)

Shifting Context (David Klaasen)

What's Missing? (David Klaasen)

Employee Retention Articles (Multiple Authors)

Hire for Attitude: An Interview With Mark Murphy

How to Get an Edge in Your Market and Earn More (Klaasen)


NLP Papers

What is NLP? (Steve Andreas)

Is the Science Behind NLP Valid? (Dr. Joe Yeager)

NLP Presuppositions (Robert Dilts)


United States & Canada Standard Groups

2016 U.S. Standard Group Research Report (PDF)

2016 U.S. Standard Group Research Report (Word)

US Standard Group Research Report (2007)

Canadian Standard Group Research Report (2011)