"I'm loving the iWAM more each time I use it!

Karen Drake, OD/Leadership Consultant

"This tool is absolutely incredible! It's on target and very helpful."

C.M., corporate leadership development

The iWAM is an excellent tool! I am certified in a number of excellent assessment instruments and the iWAM is both unique, powerful, and has a broad range of applications."

Debra Robinson, Ph.D.
University Vice President
APA President-Division 13

"The iWAM is useful in a variety of settings. jobEQ and the Institute are organizations eager to form win-win partnerships with professionals and organizations."

Matt Grawitch, Ph.D.
Director-Organizational Studies Program
School of Professional Studies
Saint Louis University

"The iWAM has become an integral part of my coaching practice. It is by far and away the most useful assessment instrument on the market. It gets to the most critical aspect of human performance...a person’s motivations and attitudes."

Chuck Appleby, Ph.D.
Appleby & Associates

"A consultant friend told me about a fantastic tool he uses called the iWAM. I took the iWAM and found it to be an incredibly accurate testing tool; it was really on target in its description of my behavior. The iWAM assesses your behavior in terms of context. I found that the iWAM not only helped me understand how my behavior impacts others, but also how it changes in different contexts."

Alan Liebert
Consultant & Coach

"Given the incredibly important, and often overlooked, role context plays in human behavior, it is great to have an instrument that helps individuals gain insights into why their behavior can vary in different contexts as well as how the variance with others' filters can make so much difference in communication and relationships. The IWAM is a very useful instrument for OD and HR practitioners interested in helping individuals, teams, and organizations gain new perspectives on behavior as a function of context."

Laura Heaton
OD/HR Consultant

"The iWAM assessment tool has been very helpful in understanding the underlying motivations that drive leadership behavior. The results assist the leader and coach in creating a more effective development plan. For example when examining leadership areas of development, the iWAM provides evidence on the likelihood of a successful change in leader behavior. It also provides the leader with helpful information about why he or she may be behaving they way they are in certain situations and why they may be doing well with some colleagues and having great difficulty with others. Overall, I have found the iWAM to be a great addition to our leadership and professional development program."

Lori O. Lewis, Ph.D.
Director of Organizational Development
Enterprise Bank & Trust