iWAM Questions & Answers

This page lists a series of frequently asked questions about the management and administration of the iWAM. Click on the question to view a PDF file containing our response. If you have a question not listed here or if the answer to your question is not sufficient, please send an email to carl@iWAMinstitute.com.

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How do I create or edit my Closed User Group (CUG) header?

How do I find someone who took the iWAM and who is not in my StorageRooms (CUG)?

How can I track the iWAM credits I’ve purchased and used?

Can an individual "re-do" an iWAM test?
Am I charged for the re-test?

How do I recover an iWAM test record I accidentally deleted?

How do I delete a record from the jobEQ test records StorageRoom?