Multiple iWAM Patterns

     The articles on this page are tied to a quote from Patrick Merlevede about iWAM scales and interpretation. In the iWAM certification program, we tell professional participants that their ultimate learning about the iWAM will come from practice, practice, and more practice.
      With practice, you begin to see how certain patterns and/or ranges within those patterns begin to connect–in different ways for different people in different roles.
      We decided to build a resource base of work on iWAM Combination Patterns by sharing some experiences we've had in connecting multiple patterns to a larger picture of the individual. (The same approach is possible with data for a team or an entire organization.)
      We began the page with two articles. The first focuses on the patterns related to what we are calling the "Insurance Policy.". The second is focused on "Orientation to People." We'll add more as we have time, insights, and courage.
     Then, let us know how these resources strike you. And, if you have something to contribute, send it to


iWAM Combination Pattern Resources (click item to open)

iWAM Multiple Patterns #1: Insurance Againt Mistakes

iWAM Multiple Patterns #2: Orientation to People