Decoding Behavior to Improve Results

Using the iWAM to Unlock Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns


Table of Contents

Becoming the New Code Talkers

  • The People Behind the Scenes: A Tribute to the Sources
  • What, Another Book?
  • The Vital Question: Do You Still Want to Play?

Chapter 1:  The Performance Model

  • Section 1: What's Performance Got to Do with Anything
  • Section 2: Framing The Performance Picture: A Working Model

Chapter 2:  Meta What? A Primer on Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns

  • Section 1: The Potent Power of Words
  • Section 2: NLP Presuppositions: Foundations of Motivation and Attitude
  • Section 3: Something Old;Something New
  • Section 4: Exploring the Human Iceberg
  • Section 5: Context in Motivation: The Shifting Sands of Situation!
  • Section 6: Getting from Here to There: The Bridge from Theory to Practice

Chapter 3: The Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM)

  • Section 1: The iWAM at 30,000 feet: An Overview
  • Section 2: The iWAM at 20,000 feet: The Key Factors in the Test
  • Section 3: The iWAM at 10,000 feet: The iWAM Scales
  • Section 4: The Key to the Answer is Questions: Tests for Cognitive Patterns
  • Section 5: Compared to What? The iWAM and Standard Groups

Chapter 4: The "Bang-for-Your-Buck" iWAM Outputs

  • Section 1: One Person, Many Reports: iWAM Individual Reports
  • Section 2: One Report, Many Options: iWAM Metareports
  • Section 3: Your iWAM Clock is Ticking: A Unique Measure of Change
  • Section 4: He Is/She Is: iWAM Paired Comparison Report
  • Section 5: MAPping the Group: iWAM Team Reports
  • Section 6: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Organization

Chapter 5:  Learning a Powerful New Language: iWAM Interpretation

  • Section 1: Absolutely Relative: Two Ways to Score the iWAM
  • Section 2: Getting Beyond the Flatland: How the iWAM Differs from Other Tests
  • Section 3: Breaking the Code: Interpreting the iWAM Management Report
  • Section 4: Predicting the Need for Change: Interpreting the iWAM Clock
  • Section 5: Statistics and the iWAM
  • Section 6: Getting the Picture: An iWAM Interpretation Tool

Chapter 6: The Pablo Principle: Expanding the iWAM through Feedback

  • Section 1: Putting the iWAM in Perspective: Orientation to the iWAM
  • Section 2: Putting It All Together: Organizing and Delivering Feedback
  • Section 3: Ten Tips for iWAM Feedback
  • Section 4: Planning a Feedback Session: Organizing the Data and Your Thoughts

Chapter 7: The Ultimate "Bang-for-Your-Buck": iWAM Applications

  • Section 1: Let Me Count the Ways: iWAM HR Applications
  • Section 2: iWAM for One, Please: Individual Applications
  • Section 3: Getting the Right People On the Bus: Recruiting and Hiring
  • Section 4: The Team, The Team: Developing Teams with the iWAM
  • Section 5: Two Peas in Different Pods?: The iWAM Paired Comparison Report
  • Section 6: The Secret Language of Leadership: Managing People Effectively
  • Section 7: Who's Next?: The iWAM and Succession Planning


  • A: U.S. Standard Group (2007)
  • B: iWAM Scales vs. LAB Profile

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