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The Institute iWAM Professional Development program supports the ongoing development of certified professionals using the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation. The program provides a forum to explore key issues in the interpretation and application of the iWAM. The goal is to help professionals become more knowledgeable about and adept in using the iWAM with individuals, teams, and organizations. .

"Using the iWAM with Teams" (March 1st)

PowerPoint File from the Program-March 1st <PPT> <PDF>

IWAM Team Reports (An Institute Publication)

Teams Professional Development Recording <click here> <View> <Download>

"Using the iWAM with Organizational Culture" (April 5th)

PowerPoint File from the Program-April 5th <PDF>

Culture Presentation by Carl Harshman <PDF>

ABC Culture Analysis Project Summary <PDF>

Leadership Culture Analysis: New Era vs. Heritage <PDF>

What Makes Us Tick at ABC? (Anneli Blundell's file)

"Modeling Excellence with the iWAM Assessment" (May 3rd)

PowerPoint File from the Program-May 3rd

Business Development Model of Excellence PowerPoint Slides

Business Development Model Scales and Power Rating

ABC Technical Shareholders iWAM Model Report

MAPs and Leadership-Carl L Harshman

Link to Screen Recording of the Session (OpenDrive)

"Interpreting Multiple Patterns in the iWAM" (June 7th)

PowerPoint File from the Program-June 7th

Institute Briefing Paper: "People" Patterns

Institute Briefing Paper: "Insurance" (Error Avoidance) Patterns

Link to Stream the "Multiple Patterns" Recording of the Session
[Note: This is a large file and will take a while to download to stream.]

"Interpreting the iWAM: What We've Learned" (August 9th)

PowerPoint File from the Program-August <PPT> <PDF>

"What We've Learned" Session Recording <Stream> <Download>

Note: We just learned that the links in the PowerPoint presentation do not work for some or all Apple software users. Here are links to the files:

Institute Technical Memorandum on Absolute vs. Relative Scores

Carl Harshman's Paper on Why People Don't Agree with iWAM Results

Institute Web Page on Multiple Patterns

Attitude Sorter Wheel Report Template <Word> <PDF>
[Note: You have permission to alter the Word version for your own "brand"]

"2013 iWAM Conference: Best of Eeklo" (September 20th)

PowerPoint Presentation from the Program <PPT> <PDF>

Link to Session Recording <Download> <Stream>

Link to Stream the Flight Video <H&A>

iWAM Custom Model Report (PDF)

Sally Vanson Presentation <PPT> <email>

David Klaasen Presentation <PPT> <email>

Allan Parker Presentation <PPT> <email>

Denis Coleman Presentation <PPT> <email>

Seiko Motoyama <email>

"jobEQ iWAM Desktop: Getting Maximum Impact"
(October 18th)

PowerPoint Presentation from the Program <PPT>

Session #13 jobEQ Desktop Recording <View> <Download>

jobEQ Subscriptions <PDF>

Sample Custom iWAM Test Invitation <Word>

Sample MetaReport Custom Introduction <Word>

Sample MetaReport Custom Conclusion <Word>

MetaReport System Recording <View> <Download>

Sample MetaReport Recording <View> <Download>

iWAM MetaReport-Sample <PDF>