iWAM Professional Development
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The Institute launched the professional development series to support the ongoing development of certified professionals using the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation. The purpose of the program is to provide a forum to explore key issues in the interpretation and application of the iWAM. The goal is to help professionals become more knowledgeable about and adept in using the iWAM with individuals, teams, and organizations. .

Friday, July 6th – "iWAM and Leadership"
PowerPoint File from the Program-July 6
Baldrige Research Study Report
Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns of Leadership

Friday, August 17th – "Success Stories"
PowerPoint File from the Program-August 17
Link to August 17 Audio File on OpenDrive
Culture Analysis Summary Sheet (Harshman)
Paired Comparison Example Report (Harshman)

Friday, September 7th–"Challenges in iWAM Interpretation"
PowerPoint File from the Program-September 7 
"That's Not Right!": Objections to iWAM Results
Friday, October 5th–"Using Exercises with Your iWAM Clients"
Session 4 PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
Session 4 Audio of complete session
iWAM Analysis Form
iWAM Analysis Form Example
70-20-10 Learning Framework
Goldsmith's Feedforward Exercise
Feedforward Exercise from Corrine Armour
Ofman Core Quality Description

November 2nd–3 p.m. U.S. Central Daylight Time
Tom Nees and Alan Rodda co-hosted this program. The topic was: "Assessments and the iWAM: Using and Interpreting StrengthsFinders (and other hard-wired characteristic reports such as MBTI and DISC)." Files from this program are listed below.

Session 5 PowerPoint Slides including Notes (PDF)
Session 5 Audio of complete session

No Session was held in December 2012.