The Institute Advisory Board

The Institute has a group of professionals who devote their time and energy to provide advice and counsel on the iWAM and Institute operation. All members of the Advisory Board are Certified iWAM Professionals and are successful in their chosen professions. Here are the current members of the Advisory Board:

  • Chuck Appleby, Ph.D., Appleby and Associates
  • Karen Drake, Drake Consulting
  • Matt Grawitch, Ph.D., Saint Louis University
  • Ellen Moran, Ph.D., Leadership Dialogues
  • Dan Seidman,
  • Chip Valutis, Ph.D., Valutis Consulting
  • Zsuzsanna Vida, Zoltek Corporation
  • Patrick Merlevede, MSc., (Ex Officio)
  • Carl Harshman, Ph.D., The Institute (Ex Officio)

Marketing & Technology Committee

The Institute has a team of certified professionals to advise us on marketing strategies and the use of technology. Technology Committee members are:

  • Ed Andriessen, BTR Training
  • Russ Milland, Virtuale Teams
  • Carl Harshman, Institute